Does Settling the Credit Card Debt Affect the Credit Rating?

Did you know that there is a way for you to reduce the impact of the credit card debt on your life? What if there was a way that you could lower the balance of the credit card and get the debt paid off quicker? What if there was a way that the credit card company would negotiate not only a lower balance for the consumer but also a lower interest rate or even a period of no-interest where the customer is able to repay the debt completely and entirely towards the principal? For customers struggling with credit card debt, there are many options that are available.

One of the most popular options for customers trying to make their way out of the pool of debt is to settle the credit card debt. Settling the credit card debt allows the customer to negotiate a lower amount of the balance to be repaid to the credit card company and can allow the customer to repay the debt sooner. This way, the customer is able to repay more of the debt towards more of the principal, rather than the interest, and in a shorter period of time. Customers can use the debt settlement to get out of debt faster and repay a lower amount than the current balance of the credit card debt.

However, there are aspects that the customer is required to take into account when settling the credit card debt. The customer should consider the effect of the debt that is being settled on the credit report, and whether the act of settling the debt is going to lower the credit score. Settling the debt will essentially close the credit card account, stopping the credit reporting each month and will negatively affect the credit score as the settlement is reported on the credit score for potential creditors to view when the decision is being made to grant the customer credit.

Customers should consider the impact of the debt settlement on the credit score before they settle the debt. Contacting the credit reporting agency, credit experts and the credit card company to determine the effects of the debt settlement can ensure that the customer is going to make the best decision for their future, to protect their financial future and one of the most important numbers in their financial life.

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