4 Must-Have Apps That Will Completely Change How You Invest

Not long ago access to good investment products required you to have a broker or financial advisor. These days some of the best investment tools are on your phone.

Below are a list of five apps that are completely changing how we invest.

1. Get a free share worth up to £200

What better way to kick off building your investment portfolio than getting a free share worth up to £200?

All new accounts on Freetrade receive this bonus. Consider it a welcome gift for your money.

Even better news is that with Freetrade you can open an account and fund it with as little as $2. You’ll want to stay on Freetrade for commission-free trading. Zero commissions and a free share is a solid reason to give this a try.

You’ll have access to the US and London Stock Exchange.

Start investing with Freetrade now

2. Get £10 free to invest

Wombat is a great app geared towards new investors with smaller portfolios. It offers thematic micro-investing, similar to a robo-advisor, offering suggestions and opportunities for where to invest.

Unlike Freetrade, that gives you a free share, Wombat puts you in charge offering £10 to invest anywhere you like once you fund an account with £10.

Wombats suggests curated investments based on your interests. This saves time researching and for brand-new investors takes some stress out.

Start investing with Wombat now

3. Get done-for-you investments with the leading robo-advisor

Nutmeg is the largest digital wealth manager in the UK. It let’s you choose between a few options based on your investment style (and risk-reward appetite) and that’s it. Nutmeg then adds you to their expert-built portfolios that use exchange traded funds diversified across stocks, bonds, industries even countries.

It simplifies investing, letting you trust experts can make better decisions than you have time for. Nutmeg is also transparent in any fees you may incur, unlike some of their competitors that keep such costs hidden.

They have an eight-year track record and manager more than £2 billion in assets. Right now they are waiving their portfolio management fee for the first six months. Plenty of time to try them out and see if their return is worth it.

Build your portfolio with Nutmeg

4. Invest in real estate for up to 12% return a year

Looking to diversify your investments but don’t want to put up the capital to purchase a let and become a landlord just yet? Enjoy the benefits of real estate investing, like passive income, without the hassle of dealing with all the new laws and regulations.

Using Blend you contribute as little as £1,000 for a property loan. Run by former investment bankers, Blend finds niche lending opportunities in high-growth areas where traditional lenders are less active.

When you sign up, you browse through available loans, with information about the property. Choose the loan you’d like to contribute to, and how much. Then sit back and collect.

All loans are secured by the property and Blend performs due diligence for each request.

Get started with Blend

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