14 Real Ways to Make Extra Cash

Curious how to earn some extra money with a side hustle? We got you covered.

If you’ve been wanting to make extra money, outside of your job or studies, we’ve done all the research for you. No matter if you want to make it from home, or get out of the house, our list of full of easy ideas.

Part-time, passive, or job re-placer’s are all here, though most are gigs to do on the side with spare time.

Here’s our list starting with top choices first.

1. Stop overpaying when you shop online

Deal shopping is easier online. The problem is finding the best ones takes time. We’ve all been fooled by coupon codes that don’t work, or are expired, and opening tab-after-tab to compare sites.

If you’re ready to try something easier there’s Capital One Shopping.

Capital One makes finding deals, and saving money, a guilty pleasure. It’s almost too easy! All you do is add the browser extension. Then when you’re ready to checkout at your favorite shopping site, it will automatically add the best promo code.

Plus, they cover a huge list of sites in their database. Even before you reach checkout, if the item is available somewhere else for less, Capital One lets you know with a small popup. It’s free to use, and never shows you ads.

Try Capital One Shopping here

2. Invest in IPO’s with an average return on investment of 60%

Freedom is the only EU-based online brokerage to be listed on the Nasdaq, and it’s also the first of its kind to offer its users access to IPOs – an extremely scarce financial service that’s usually off-limits to the world of retail investors.

Invest in IPO’s of American and European companies. Average return on investment 60% for 93 days.

Want more? All Freedom Finance Europe’s clients have a D-account automatically immediately after the main trading account is opened. It accrues 3% interest daily. Passive money.

Try Freedom24 here

3. Cancel your car insurance

Want some bad news? You could be wasting £262 a year on high-priced, overrated car insurance that isn’t any better than a cheaper alternative.

Only thing to do is cancel your car insurance right now and get something better, or just as good, but costs less.

Quotezone has a new tool that can tell you if you’re paying too much for your car insurance. It only takes a few clicks.

On average, most people could save £262 a year.

It’s free to use, and if you’re looking to save or justify a purchase, having an few extra hundred pounds in your pocket is hard to argue with. Especially since it only takes a few minutes.

See if you’re overpaying at Quotezone

4. Join the website that pays up to £20 for taking surveys

Have you ever chatted a company’s customer service to tell them about an experience you had with them?

Imagine if they paid you for your opinion.

Stop imagining – you can earn money for answering simple surveys from large companies. They use your feedback to make decisions on new products and services so honesty is important.

Once you complete their survey, you get paid to your Paypal or Dwolla account. If you’d rather have giftcards, like from Amazon, they’ll pay you in those too.

It’s free to sign up and takes less than 30 seconds. You can start earning money today.

Take your first survey and sign up here

5. Get paid to watch viral videos – seriously

In what can only be described as the easiest way to make extra cash a company called Inbox Pounds pays you to watch viral videos.

No, it’s not money you’ll retire on. But let’s be honest: most of us are doing this for free already – what not earn while you do it?

Instead of scrolling Youtube watching videos on the couch, you could be getting paid. Every bit adds up.

They have other ways of earning money such as: playing games, completing offers and more. Free to sign up and use. If you sign up today you’ll get a £1 bonus.

Make money watching videos here

6. Make £13-15 per hour delivering packages for Amazon whenever you want

There’s a unique program not many have heard of called Amazon Flex. It’s similar to driving for Uber except your only passengers are packages. You get all the good benefits: set your own schedule, listen to your music, work as long or as little as you like.

All you need is a smartphone for their app and a car.

Then you’ll pick up packages, deliver them, and get paid.

Save up for something big, or use the flexibility to work when you want to boost your monthly income as you have time. It’s backed by an established company so there’s no fear of not getting paid.

Sign up on their app and start earning


Making extra cash isn’t hard, it’s finding the one that fits with your lifestyle. Most people try several of the methods here before settling on one.

If you’re having trouble try these three. Each different so you can discover what type of activity you want to try more of.

1. Invest in IPO’s with Freedom24 for 60% return

2. Get paid to take your first survey here

3. Sign up for Amazon Flex and start earning

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