Simple Money Saving Tricks That Work

Here’s simple money saving tricks that will help you spend less and achieve financial freedom. Think saving money isn’t worth it if you can’t save hundreds at a time? Not so. Little amounts add up nicely over time. Try these ideas and start on your path to saving more money.

1. Have a money jar, but not a clear one. Being able to see the money causes us to want to count it and spend it. If the jar you’ve chosen is clear wrap it with a piece of construction paper.

2. Make is a habit to drop loose change into this jar, instead of keeping it in your pocket to spend on junk later.

3. If you go shopping and use cash, drop whatever you may have leftover into the jar, even if it is $10. If you didn’t need the $10, it shouldn’t be spent. What goes into the jar doesn’t have to only be small amounts of change.

4. Have a predetermined amount of money deposited into a savings account once a month. It doesn’t have to be a lot to be important. If you can only manage $15/month, it’s better than nothing.

5. If one or both spouses get a raise and you don’t desperately need that extra money to survive, have that extra amount added to the above amount deposited into your savings account.

Saving money can be done with even the littlest amounts. Over a year, five years, ten years, you will come to discover how much it all adds up. Saving money happens over a span of time, not all at once. Do what you can with what you’ve got. Happy saving!

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