Pros and Cons of Shopping Online

In this internet era, shopping online is becoming more popular these days. However, as with any new medium, there are pros and cons associated with shopping online. Let’s learn about some of them.

Pros of Shopping Online

* Shopping online gives you the opportunity to buy any items you want from a huge catalog of products. * Some online stores offer free shipping, while others charge a small fee.  More importantly, you may find more stores where no tax is added either. * Instead of standing on long lines at department stores, you can shop online from the comfort of your home at anytime of the day. * Most online stores offer security encryption services that protect your personal information. * There are coupon sites online that offer great discounts at major stores. * Returning merchandise is just as easy as shopping for them online.  Most stores offer a return label free of charge. * One well-known online retailer offers a program in which, for a small yearly fee, you are given free shipping with a two-day delivery. * You can download movies online for a fee. * You can download ring tones online for a fee. * You can compare products online in order to find the best bargains. * You can buy from auction sites online and save money on gifts, antiques, or whatever particular hobby you are engaged in.

* You can navigate to several retailers’ websites within minutes.

Cons of Shopping Online

* Identity theft is a big concern for many individuals who shop online. * It is recommeded to only shop at those websites that have security encryption services, that is, the lock at the bottom right hand corner of the website. * Utilize websites wherein they list their phone numbers and addresses. * Use websites that have 24-hour customer service, that is, you can speak with a customer representative online. * Avoid websites where the prices are too good to be true! (There are often hidden fees). * Check the date at the bottom of the site to ensure the site is being updated frequently. * Ignore email ads that offer specials, unless you are familiar with the company. * Once you use your credit card for online shopping, check your credit report annually to determine if the card number has been stolen.

* If you are purchasing an item from an auction site or a store where feedback is given about the seller, read the information.  Anyone with a 95% or lower rating should be avoided.

Shopping online can be an enjoyable experience.  It is important, however, to have the most up-to-date security software available for your computer.  Use one credit card only when you shop online.  In this way you can easily track expenses and immediately recognize a charge you did not make.

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