Five Tips for Online Bill Paying

Identity theft is a big problem for anybody using the internet. Here are five simple tips for online bill paying that can provide you a fast, easy, and effective way to pay your bills without concerns.

1.  When creating an account with a credit card company, make sure that the company has the most advanced online security available.  They should have encryption software as well as a sign-out session if there is no activity after ten minutes.

Take a few minutes to read their security page.  If you have any questions, call the company directly.

2.  If you have enrolled in a credit card company’s online bill paying program, you will receive an email each month letting you know payment is due.  Never sign on from the email link.

Bookmark the site after you’ve enrolled in the program and use the bookmark as your link to the company website.  Oftentimes, you may receive an email from a credit card company asking you to verify your account.  This is a bogus email.  Do not respond or click on the link provided.  Instead, call the company and ask if they have sent out an email to you asking for verification.

3.  When you do sign on to the company site, have your username and password readily available.  Conduct your business as fast as possible; this includes checking your account.

After you sign out, clear your cache on the computer so that the information is cleared from your history.  This is especially important if you are using a cable modem.

4.  After you’ve paid your bill, you will receive an email on or close to the date you have chosen for payment.  Ensure you do receive the email.  If you do not, call the company and ask why an email was not sent.  Also, go to your online account and check to make sure payment was posted.

5.  Change your password monthly.  Some credit card companies offer a security number that you can utilize after you sign on.  For example, you would sign on using your regular username and password and then a new box will appear asking for the security code number.  Check with your online bill-paying companies to determine if they offer this service.

Anything you can do to decrease the possibility of online theft are worth it. Make sure you have the best security software on your computers; run weekly(or daily) scans of your computer, and change your password every month.

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