Easy Ways to Save a Hundred Bucks a Month

There’re several easy ways to save a hundred bucks a month. Many people are trying to save a little bit of money every month. Saving a few dollars does not seem like a big deal, but that can add up quickly. This is particularly true if the money you save is going into savings. Add a little every month and you’ll have enough this time next year for one of your more-important goals, like getting ahead on mortgage payments. If you want to keep a hundred bucks or more in your pocket, these tips will help you reach your goal.

* Park the car. If your city offers good public transportation, take that whenever possible. You might still use the car to get to and from work, but taking the bus or train for other outings can save you a good bit of cash. This is particularly true if you qualify for discounts or, better yet, buy a bus or train pass.

* Watch what you eat. There are several easy ways to save money on food. Avoid delivery, like Chinese or pizza. Pack a lunch for work or school. Find cheaper places to go out for food, or cook at home. You can treat yourself at the end of the month with a nice meal out – if you’ve saved enough, you’ll be able to afford it!

* Cut back on entertainment expenses. Instead of buying that new DVD, you can either look online for used copies or rent the film. You might also organize a movie swap in your neighborhood. Trade “for keeps,” though, to avoid any hard feelings or misunderstandings. You can do the same with music and video games.

* Leave your credit and debit cards at home. Take only enough cash for what you need for this outing. This will prevent the impulse buys that really eat into your budget. You might not notice, but even inexpensive, little things add up to big bucks. Buy enough two-dollar impulse items and you’ve spent twenty or thirty dollars before you realize what’s happening.

* Avoid ATM machines. Instead, get cash back when you use your card at the store. That way, you avoid ATM fees, which can really chew up your budget. Speaking of bank fees: don’t use ATMs to check your balance, either. Go online or use your phone, as these methods are usually free.

* Cut back on your vices. If you smoke two packs a day, try to smoke a pack and a half or less. If you drink a twelve-pack a week, cut back by a few beers. You can also save by buying less-expensive brands. Some non-premium cigarettes taste much like the premium brand that you’re used to smoking. The same goes for beer.

These tips can easily keep a hundred dollars in your bank account at the end of the month. You might save even more depending on how much you spent on the above things before you began cutting back or changing your spending habits. The important thing here, though, is to allow yourself to enjoy your life. If you completely eliminate the things that you enjoy, you won’t be very happy. Cutting back allows you to have fun without spending as much money.

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